Opening Exhibition

The opening exhibition leads up to the main concern of our gallery. A first, representative cross-section invites to discover the artists’ generation  of the 20th century, whose creative continuity was interrupted by historic events. Quite frequently, they were also denied recognition. Meanwhile, the biographies of a number of artists biographies have been comprehensively drawn up, but many an individual fate is still to be investigated. The salon gallery wants to contribute to the presentation of, and recognition for, those artists. 

Twenty painters and graphic artists are represented in the selection of about 40 works on offer. Some of them were already renowned in the art metropolis Berlin during the 1920s and 1930s. Herwarth Walden presented their works in his gallery Sturm, and they participated in exhibitions by the November group. During the National Socialist rule, the artists of the lassical Modern were being vilified. 

After 1945, those artists continued pre-war developments and ventured a new beginning. Germany’s partition and the Cold War led to a loss of mutual inspiration. Nevertheless, the artists acquired – by different ways – a high quality in their later works.



Rudolf-Werner Ackermann Thilo Maatsch
Rudolf Bauer Jeanne Mammen
Herbert Behrens-Hangeler Gerhard Marcks
Hans Brass Wolfgang Mattheuer
Oskar Fischer Georg Meistermann
Erwin Hahs Margarethe Moll
Hannah Höch Emy Roeder
Edmund Kesting Christian Rohlfs
Hans Kinder Egon Pukall
Hans Laabs Sava Sekulić
Georg Meistermann | Fields | 1960/61 | oil on canvas | verso monogrammed and titled | 60 x 80
Georg Meistermann | Fields | 1960/61 | oil on canvas | verso monogrammed and titled | 60 x 80

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