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Ute Hausfeld
Object description

* 1951 in Friedland/Mecklenburg
Paintress and graphic artist
Ute Hausfeld is already interested in visual design when still at school. That is why she decides to study fashion in Berlin and obtains a diploma in 1974. She then works as a costume designer for the German television network in Berlin-Adlershof, amongst other things.
After the fall of the Berlin Wall Ute Hausfeld founds an agency for art mediation with a focus on painting, graphics, sculpture and photography. Since Ute Hausfeld has been intensively involved in painting and graphics since the 1980s, the step to becoming a freelance artist was not difficult for her in 1994. She then participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions.
Inspired by impressions from trips and city walks, she composes colourful images with summer landscapes and fashion-conscious city dwellers. Just as beautiful and impressive are her classic-looking woodcut portraits, which show different female characters from self-confident and sophisticated to modest and shy.
Through her involvement in artist networks and regular stays abroad, she expands her sources of inspiration and design techniques. For several years now, she has been producing artist books in small, limited editions. Ute Hausfeld lives and works in Berlin.
“I paint and design because I want to. I invent something new. With a completely open end, I compose different rhythms in the pictures through colours and shapes and set lines to surfaces. In this process I am completely alone with myself, and the image must only meet my own requirements. If that succeeds, it will be the greatest reward for my work.“ (Ute Hausfeld)