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Katja Meirowsky
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* 4 March 1920 in Spremberg; † 7 September 2012 in Potsdam
Following her artistic talent, Katja Meirowskys (1920 - 2012), née Casella, studies from 1938 to 1942 at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin. During the National Socialist era, she actively supports the “Rote Kapelle” resistance group and hides people from the political underground in her studio. Wanted by the Gestapo, she flees with her parents - her mother is Jewish, her father a communist - to Poland, where the family lives illegally. In 1945 Katja Meirowsky returns to Berlin and soon belongs to the circle of artists around the Gerd Rosen Gallery and the Bremer Gallery, which exhibits avant-garde art of the 20th century. Together with Alexander Camaro, her future husband Carl Meirowsky, Jeanne Mammen, Werner Heldt and other artists, in 1949 she is one of the founding members of the legendary cabaret “The Bathtub”. From 1953 Katja and Carl Meirowsky live permanently on Ibiza. Here the painter joins together with Hans Laabs and Heinz Trökes, her friends since the cabaret days, the "Grupo Ibiza 59", which brings together artists of different nationalities on the island. Katja Meirowsky returns to Germany in 2000. She lives first in Berlin, then in Potsdam.
Over the course of seven decades, her works have been exhibited in Berlin, Hamburg, Mannheim, London, Madrid, Florence, New York and many other cities.