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Josef Hegenbarth
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* 15 June 1884 in Böhmisch Kamnitz (Austria Hungary); † 27 July 1962 in Dresden
German graphic artist, painter and illustrator
Josef Hegenbarth’s special interest is devoted to the portrayal of man and animal. He illustrates lots of books and publishes portfolios. To meet the conditions for his studies, Hegenbarth works hard under the guidance of his cousin Emanuel Hegenbarth, who since 1903 has been in charge of the newly established class of animal painting at the Dresden Art Academy. From 1908 to 1915 he studies at the academy, a student of Carl Bantzer and Oskar Zwintscher as well as a master-class student of Gotthardt Kühl. In 1914 he has his first exhibition with Emil Richter in Dresden. He follows his longing for the Bohemian landscape and lives from 1917 on in Prague, where his artistic activities are focussed on etching and drawing.
From 1920 to 1936 he participates in exhibitions of the German Artists’ Union. From 1924 on he is a freelance contributor for the magazine “Die Jugend”, and from 1925 on, for the “Simplicissimus”. In 1926 he joins the Vienna Secession, and, in 1929, the Prague Secession. In 1936, the National Socialists defame his art. To avoid the air raids in World War II, he flees in 1943 to Böhmisch Kamnitz, taking his paintings with him. In October 1945 he returns to Dresden. From 1946 to 1950, Hegenbarth is a contributor for the Berlin magazine “Ulenspiegel”. In 1947 he is offered a professorship at the Dresden College of Fine Arts. When he reaches retirement age in 1949, he exclusively devotes himself to his freelance artistic activities. In 1959, on the occasion of his 75th birthday, there is an exhibition in the Berlin National Gallery, as well as in Munich. A work catalogue of 17,000 or so sketches is at present being compiled.