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Christine Jackob-Marks
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Christine Jackob-Marks has created a broad oeuvre, both thematically and stylistically, in the more than five decades of her artistic work. She works objectively and abstractly, drawing and painting landscapes and the cosmos, portraits, nudes and animals. In her painting she is always seeking to understand creation. Her more recent works, which are completely detached from concrete ideas, leave a lot of space for the viewer's associations. With a pronounced sense of rhythm and the free play of colors and shapes, the painter creates pictures of high luminosity and energetic charisma.
Christine Jackob-Marks studies painting at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris and then at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin, where she also works as a lecturer in the 1990s. Her works were and can be seen in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. The artist's works are in numerous private and public collections.
In 1994 Christine Jakob-Marks took part in the competition for the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe together with Hella Rolfes, Hans Scheib and Reinhard Stangl. The jury awarded the group's design first prize. However, due to a renewed invitation to tender, the design was not implementier. The American historian Michael S. Cullen put it: "Winning a competition with fair means is ideal. Losing a competition by fair means may not be ideal, but it is no less honorable."
Christine Jackob-Marks lives and works in Berlin and Ibiza.