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Caroline Wagner
Object description

* 1964 in Munich
The animal sculptures by Caroline Wagner (* 1964) are an expression of her direct visual experience. Exclusively committed to her artistic theme and free from fashionable influences, she seeks to sense the spirit of the animals. Her works are characterized by truthfulness and timeless beauty. Her marble sculpture "Swan" is a good example of this.
Caroline Wagner: “With the means of sculpture I try to restore the animals’ dignity. I don't want to create decoration, but monuments. In view of the responsibility for our environment, that is to say in particular towards animals, I consider my work to be a contribution to orientation and knowledge that can only have an effect on each individual. "
Caroline Wagner begins her training in 1986 in the studio of her father, the sculptor and painter Hansjörg Wagner. She has her first exhibition in 1990 in the Palazzo Mediceo in Seravezza (Italy), and in 1996 she presents her work in the Zoological State Collection in Munich. Caroline Wagner is a member of the Accademia delle Muse in Florence. Works by the artist can be seen in public spaces, especially in southern Germany, as well as in private collections. Caroline Wagner lives and works in Berlin and Italy.