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Soirée about the artist Herbert Behrens-Hangeler

To our soirée we welcomed about 80 visitors in our gallery. It was a great pleasure for us to share our enthusiasm about the artist Herbert Behrens-Hangeler with others. 

The discussion and the documentary film “Fluchtburg Fredersdorf” by Ursula and Günter Feist, broadcasted in 1995 by the SFB, recalled the artist’s personality, life and work.
Our special thanks goes to the family of Behrens-Hangeler, his former students, the art historian Dr. Sibylle Badstübner-Gröger and the literary scholar Paul Werner Wagner – they all made the evening an outstanding and emotional experience.

Soirée about the artist Herbert Behrens-Hangeler
Soirée about the artist Herbert Behrens-Hangeler


Salon evening “Purpurgedanken” - reading out of Erwin Hahs’s diaries

During yesterday’s salon evening we got to know how rich in events and conflicts an artist’s life could be. Since our current exhibition shows paintings of Erwin Hahs (1887 – 1970), Lutz Harder read parts of the painter’s and graphic artist’s diaries. The actor starts with the 1910s and goes on until the mid 1950s so that family and history of the past come to life. Jazz musician Rolf von Nordenskjöld accompanied the reading musically with his own compositions.

Lutz Harder (on the left) reads the diaries, Rolf von Nordenskjöld (on the right) accompanied the evening musically.