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Dear art friends,


In the past eight years we have successfully realized our gallery program in more than 30 solo and thematic exhibitions, focusing on works of classical modernism and art after 1945. By rediscovering artists who have unjustly been largely forgotten, we have set and continue to set a special accent in the Berlin gallery landscape, and in our exhibitions we have repeatedly spanned a temporal arc from Classical Modernism through the post-war period to the immediate present.


Even though we are leaving our quarters at Auguststraße 50 b at the turn of the year, we will continue to devote ourselves to works of fine art. Your visits to the gallery and the many good conversations we have had with you over the years have shown us your appreciation for our gallery program and encouraged us in our work.


In the spring we will inform you about our new ideas and plans. This much is certain: we will continue our search for traces in order to present works by forgotten artists, and in doing so, we will open up new forms of exhibitions and events. We look forward to your company and visits in digital and analog space.


In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.


Yours, Claudia Wall and the Möwe-Team

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