Animals. The Charme of Creation
small-scale sculptures, paintings and works on paper

Our spring exhibition will take you to the companions of man: to donkey, horse and cow, fish and frog, bird, cat and dog. Renowned visual artist as Margarethe Moll, Gerhard Marcks, Josef Hegenbarth, Philipp Harth, and Renée Sintenis gave their love and their art to our fellow creatures. In masterly fashion, they and other artists of the 20th century grasp the qualities, movements, and dignity of the individual creature. Their realistic or abstract portrayals of individual creatures as well as of groups show the beauty of animals and demonstrate a deep understanding of their emotional lives.  

Private view on 23 April 2015 from 6 to 9 pm
Opening speech at 18.30 o’clock by art scholar Dr. phil. Holger Birkholz


Philipp Harth (1885 – 1968), German sculptor:


 “I have a great yearning for animals. Often I see animals I want to make  - standing, finished, around me. I would really like to carve only animals, as animals have relaxed, natural movements.”

“Time and again, I was standing, deeply moved, in front of these wonders of creation… In tones, colours, and forms, nature and being of these creatures is expressed.”


[Quoted from: Philipp Harth. Animal sculptures and drawings. Catalogue of Mittelrheinisches Museum Mainz 1974]



Renée Sintenis Arthur Degner
Philipp Harth Margarethe Moll
Leonore Geist Josef Hegenbarth
Gerhard Marcks Erwin Hahs
Else Fürst und andere
Leonore Geist | Foal Jumping | 1981 | bronze | 20 x 22 x 6 (sold)
Leonore Geist | Foal Jumping | 1981 | bronze | 20 x 22 x 6 (sold)

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