An Day in Nature. Landcapes and Travel Pictures

Quite seasonable with regard to summer and the delight of travelling, the Salongalerie “Die Möwe”  presents Paintings and works on paper on the subject of landscape by artists of the 20th century who are represented in our gallery. 

However different the individual artists’ ties to their homelands and their nostalgia for specific places may be, all their works display love for the elements of light, air, water, and the unadulterated nature. Beauty and idyll are revealed in different artistic styles of Modern Art. 

We invite you and your friends to the Salongalerie for the opening  on Thursday, 5 June 2014, from 18.00 to 21.00. 

Paul Kuhfuss in a letter dated 30 June 1944, written to his family before his last study tour to the Baltic Sea during the Second World War:


"What always makes me feel drawn there is the infinity of nature, the boundlessness in size and idyll, where in the enormity of beach and sea, of the age-old forest, the endlessness of the plain, in the abundance of flowers and among animals man appears so tiny and lost, realizing that only he – and nobody else – can recognize himself."

Quoted from: catalogue Paul Kuhfuss, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, 1983



Ernst Stadelmann Max Kaus
Ernst Oskar Simonson-Castelli Erwin Hahs
Paul Kuhfuss Carl Christoph Hartig
Willy Robert Huth Peter Keler
Erwin Hahs Karl Kunz
Ulrich Neujahr Rudolf Franke
Otto Niemeyer-Holstein Edmund Kesting
Eduard Bargheer Hanspeter Münch
Heinrich Schlief Klaus Fußmann


Carl Christoph Hartig | Untitled (Nude in Landscape) | ca. 1920 | oil on canvas | signed | 62 x 80
Carl Christoph Hartig | Untitled (Nude in Landscape) | ca. 1920 | oil on canvas | signed | 62 x 80

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