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Wilfried Reiff
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* 11 June 1954 in Reutlingen; lives in Metzingen
Graphic artist, painter and sculptor
Wilfried Reiff is a virtuoso autodidact in the field of woodblock printing.
For over 40 years, he has devoted himself with great passion to letterpress printing in his artistic work. Visits to HAP Grieshaber, the important innovator of the modern woodcut, inspired him to turn to this technique himself. Wilfried Reiff gained his first experiences on the Achalm with Louis Schröder, one of Grieshaber's printers. With great joy in experimentation, the artist has continuously refined his technique. In the meantime, he has been staging exhibitions with his elaborate multi-coloured woodcuts for many years, mainly in southern Germany. His pictorial language is clearly in the tradition of Expressionism and its masters such as Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. The human being with his relationships to others, his physiognomy, his joys and vices runs like a thread through Reiff's work. In his woodcuts, the artist succeeds in a fascinating way in creating atmospheric tension that often assigns the viewer a role ranging from playful to voyeuristic.
In addition to woodcuts, Wilfried Reiff also devotes himself to sculpture. His abstract figures, often seeming archaic, are of a timeless beauty. Here, too, the central medium is wood.