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Fritz Keller
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* 30 March 1915 in Rothenbach near Glauchau; † 24 May 1994 in Bad Berka
German painter
Frirtz Keller belongs to the Expressionists of the second generation. In almost five decades he creates an extensive oeuvre that is influenced by the feeling for design of the Fauves, but mainly by the Expressionism of “Blauer Reiter” and “Brücke”. Keller is also a master of animal painting.
From 1930 to 1933, he learns the job of a lithographer in Glauchau and afterwards attends the Arts- and-Crafts College W.Weingärtner in Zwickau. From 1935 on he studies at the State Academy for Graphic Arts and Book Manufacture in Leipzig, up to November 1938, when he is called up for military service. He is able to continue his studies from 1941 to 1943. He is a master-class student with Arno Drescher, who has been director of the State Academy since 1942. Keller’s first personnel exhibition is in Glauchau, in 1943. He does military service in World War II and is a British prisoner of war until 1948. Up to 1951 he works as a painter, freelance. Later, he is given the financially secure job as an art teacher in Glauchau, up to 1976. The paintings he submits for exhibitions are, time and again, officially rejected. Keller lives a withdrawn life, but he maintains close contacts with his painter friends Heinz Tetzner and Gerhard Klampäckel. Since 1975, galleries in Karl-Marx-Stadt, Dresden, Zwickau, Berlin and Leipzig have exhibited Keller’s paintings.